5 Easy Upgrades for Your Apartment


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Interesting, Yet Affordable Ways to Enhance Your Rental

Finding and moving into your new apartment can be a very tedious task. After all the initial headaches and stress that comes along with it, you are now able to enjoy your new place of living. But, to fully enjoy your new apartment, don’t you want to make it more your style? With these easy upgrades, you will have no trouble turning your apartment into something that better suits your needs.


#1 – Use Your Own Curtains

Hanging curtains may be the easiest addition to your apartment that makes a huge impact. Swapping standard curtains with ones that fit your style makes a significant difference in how your apartment looks. Simple amenities such as these can easily transform your apartment into something more your taste.


#2 – Bring Your Own Wall Décor

Rather than seeing the same type of artwork and wall décor that was placed in all the rentals, don’t you want to use something a little more your style? An easy fix would be to bring your favorite pieces from home and/or go out and buy some new art. All it takes is a poster of your favorite band or a nice, classical piece of artwork to spruce up your plain walls and make it feel more like home.


#3 – Unclutter Small Spaces with New, Dual-Purpose Furniture

Moving into a new apartment means that you may not have the space, and especially not the furniture that you used to. Because of that, some of your things may be without a home, causing unnecessary clutter. If living in a college dorm or small bedroom has taught you anything, it was that foldable, dual-purpose furniture is your best friend. From chairs that also act as storage units to coffee tables that double as shelves, the possibilities are endless.


#4 – Get Comfortable by Using Your Own Chairs

In your new apartment, the seats, and even couches may be a bit stale and uncomfortable. At one point or another, everyone had a favorite couch or chair they sat in at home. Whether it be a recliner, a kitchen chair, or even a certain spot on the couch. To replicate that comfortable, nostalgic feeling while also making your new rental feel like home, you can purchase or bring from home your favorite pieces of furniture. It’s a small change, yet makes a vast difference visually.


#5 – Add Rugs to Cover Up Certain Floors

If the floors in your new apartment aren’t exactly to your liking, there is an easier way to change that than by ripping up the floorboards or requesting a unit change. By using rugs of your choice, you can add style to your rental while also increasing the comfort. If you dislike the feeling of your bare feet on a cold tile floor in the morning, a rug is a cheap, stylish way to address your needs.


Rent an Apartment at Lerner Morningside

Now that you have these easy, cheap upgrades in mind, any feelings of homesickness and uncomfortableness should diminish. Of course, some upgrades may be limited to the constraints of your new apartment rules, so always be sure to abide by their guidelines first. If you want to give these new upgrades a try and are looking for a great, new apartment, be sure to apply online or call us at Lerner Morningside for affordable, yet stylish rentals: (703) 260-1895.

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