5 Staycation Ideas in Alexandria, Virginia


Activities to Partake in During Your Time Off

Taking time off every now and again allows you to take a break from the stresses of everyday life, giving you a breath of fresh air in the sea of your daily and weekly obligations. Alexandria, being the popular luscious city that it is, offers many different things you can do. The best part about having a staycation is that you do not have to travel far to enjoy yourself. Enjoy your stay in Alexandria with these staycation ideas!

#1 Visit a Local Museum

Give yourself a taste of your town’s history on your day off by visiting one of the many museums and historical landmarks. Learning about the past of the area where you live offers you bigger insight on what Alexandria and Virginia in general was founded upon. Some museums you could visit are the archaeology museum, friendship firehouse museum, and the black history museum, in addition to Heritage Trail or one of the many historic parks.

#2 Go for a Swim

As we know, it gets quite hot in Virginia during the summers. Taking a dip in the pool, along with other amenities provided to you by the Morningside Apartment Homes, is a great way to relax and cool off. The well-kept, sparkling pool in which Morningside provides offers a great escape from the heat along with being able to get outside and enjoy the fresh air right outside your apartment.

#3 Catch a Movie

For many of us, it is hard to find the time to catch up on the recently released movies that we wanted to see but never got a chance to. Stopping by one of the theatres in Alexandria and treating yourself to a new film acts as a perfect getaway and allows you to shift focuses from stress to the movie. The theatres and other businesses are easily accessible and very close to the Morningside Apartment Homes.

#4 Treat Yourself to a Nice Meal

Take yourself out to one of Alexandria’s restaurants either by yourself or with some company. This can either be brunch, a small café, or even dress up in formal attire and make a whole night out of it. There are many different routes you can take when deciding where you want to go, but everything is close by, giving you a wide array of decisions. Keep in my mind that you should not be afraid to spend a little extra on a place you have been wanting to go to but have never gotten the chance.

#5 Get Creative

Painting, writing, and DIY projects are among some things you can start working on during your staycation. Any personal projects that you’ve been meaning to start but never got around to can finally be started. If none of those things were on the list, you can start up a new hobby, or explore new interests. Releasing your inner inventiveness is something you don’t get the chance to do during the work week – so visit one of Alexandria’s shops or boutiques to get you started.

Apartment Homes in Alexandria, VA

For many of us – we cannot afford to make huge travelling and vacation plans. Thus, the idea of the “staycation,” was born. Being able to take the day off and have it to yourself without having to pay much is pretty nice. In Alexandria, Lerner’s Morningside Apartment Homes are just waiting to have you. Contact 703-260-1895 or take a virtual tour today!


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