5 Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Furniture


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Choosing apartment homes in Alexandria, VA, is always a smart decision. With its beautiful parks, history, location, and events, the city is an enjoyable place to learn and flourish. But having a home that you look forward to returning to is imperative for everyone’s mental health. Whether you’re on a budget or living in a smaller space, picking the right furniture is key. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your furniture, regardless of how much it costs or how much you need.

How to Get the Most Out of Furniture

Be Smart at Furniture Stores

In today’s world of disposables, many people choose items that put less hurt on the wallet in the short term, but end up breaking after only a year or two of use. The result is you’re stuck buying a replacement a lot sooner than you ever wanted to or living with a non-functioning eyesore. The good news is that higher quality furniture is more attainable recently due to increased competition and a middling economy. If you’re in the market for a core piece of furniture such as a couch, dining table, bed, or entertainment center, find a reputable store and keep the following in mind. Don’t be afraid to negotiate, as many stores have inflated price tags to begin with. Make sure that the costs of delivery are clear, along with who will pay for damage during transport. Be sure to read the fine print on financing, as many of the deferred interest strategies can end up costing you 20-30% more than you expected in the first place.


Refurbish Older Furniture

Don’t be scared away by old furniture with missing handles, bad paint, or an old finish. These are simple fixes that not only make furniture look like new, but also allow you to fit each piece exactly to your style. As long as the integrity of core parts of a table or dresser are stable, cosmetic changes only require some effort and a little time. You’ll be surprised by how much money you save, and how much better your apartment will look! These tricks also help if you decide you want to sell an item. Alexandria’s virtue of history extends to its home goods. Don’t be surprised if you unearth a diamond in the rough.


Purchase Furniture with Clever Function

Technology isn’t the only area where clever design has a lot of benefits. A drop-leaf table can serve as a writing station and then have its sides pulled out for a family dinner. When not in use, it stores efficiently in a corner. Many couches and beds have hidden storage space options. There are bookshelves that adjust their width to the amount of items that are being stored. Another great furniture idea that few people think of is acquiring a breakfast nook. These are typically comprised of a right-angled booth, a table, and either a pair of chairs or a bench seat. Since it sits perfectly in a room corner, it not only looks great, it saves a great deal of space. They come in a manner of different styles and price ranges. No matter what size your living space is, keeping your items stored away and organized will reduce clutter and leave you with a clean, stress-free aesthetic. Who doesn’t love coming home to an awesome looking apartment?


Buy Furniture with Replaceable Components

Before the internet, a piece of furniture breaking was typically met with frustration and eventually resignation to the fact that the whole item would need to be replaced. But now, the glory of the web has an entire set of supplies at your fingertips. There is a lot of furniture, really nice furniture, that have components that can be found with a small amount of research. Many of the parts used in construction are no longer branded, but manufactured on an industrial scale. So before tossing your favorite chair or cabinet because of a broken leg or hinge, take a moment to see if it can be fixed, it will save you money.


Get Furniture That’s Interchangeable

Similar to furniture with clever functionality, buying shelves, tables, and chairs that interlock or have the option to combine together will allow you much greater flexibility in how you design your apartment home. It will also keep your space from feeling stale. Redecorating is a breeze when items fit together more seamlessly.


Apartments in Alexandria, VA

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