7 Tips for Hosting an Unforgettable Housewarming Party

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There is no better way to show off your new apartment than by throwing a housewarming party. If you have just moved and are debating throwing a housewarming party, you cannot go wrong with these tips! Your party will be the talk of the town for days after because of how great the party was. Check the list below to see what the top tips for a successful housewarming party are!


1. Send out invites

Instead of sending out texts, send out real paper invites! Sending out invites to your party is a great touch and will make people want to come. You can order them online, buy them in stores or even create them yourself to save a few bucks!


2. Supply food and beverages

People love parties, especially parties with food and drinks! To keep your housewarming party simple, pass around finger foods and have a bar area where guests can get drinks and other snacks you feel they may like, like peanuts, pretzels or a snack mix. This will keep guests satisfied and keep the cost down for you!


3. Choose a theme

Party guests love to go to themed parties because it gives clarity on dress code and what to expect. Choosing a theme is a great way to plan what foods you will have and what decorations you may want. An easy, cost effective way to decide on decorations is making them yourself! You can gather basic supplies from your local craft store and start crafting on your own. Your guests will appreciate the time you took to put into your special party.


4. Create a playlist special for your party

Having a great playlist for your party is a way to win guests over! You can create a playlist from the music in your phone, or create one on streaming apps like Pandora or Spotify. This is an easy way to incorporate background sound into your party so there are none of those awkward, quiet pauses, because who likes those? Keep your party lively with your new housewarming playlist!


5. Keep your gifts out of the way

If your guests are kind enough to bring you a little housewarming present, try to keep them out of the way. Opening gifts in front of other people could be a potential mood killer, so be sure to think of a place for them. As a good host, focus on your guests now and save your presents for later!


6. Take guests on group tours

Instead of giving individual tours, have set times for group tours! Depending on what time guests start to arrive, you can take them on tours in groups as they come. You can also wait until everyone arrives and split them up for tours. Whatever is easier for you so you don’t miss your party!


7. Document your party

If you want your party to be unforgettable, document it! You can take pictures on your phone, or for a unique way to document, you can use a Polaroid camera and put those photos in its own album. This is a great way to keep your housewarming party memories forever!


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