How to Save Money on Your Apartment’s Winter Utility Bill

Utility bills can do some serious damage to your wallet during the winter months. The winter is dark and quite chilly, and extra energy usage often seems necessary to not only stay sane, but to light your home and keep you warm. Extra energy usage runs up your cost of living, and utility sacrifices are often made in consequence to save money. Luckily however, no sacrifices or weighing of options are necessary. Saving money and cutting back on energy usage in your apartment is easier than it seems. Below are some helpful tips on how to lower your apartment’s winter utility bills so you can start saving.

Unplug & Turn Off

Two of the biggest offenders of energy usage are the direct and indirect usage of electricity; often called “energy vampires.”  Energy vampires form from products and other appliances that need to be plugged into an outlet to work. The problem ironically arises when these appliances are turned off. Since the product is still plugged into the wall, it feeds off indirect usage, reflecting onto your utility bill. A great first step to battling against energy usage is making a conscious effort to recognize what needs and does not need to be plugged in at a given moment. Unplug any appliances that aren’t in use (ex: toasters, lamps, video games, TV, etc.) and turn off any lights that aren’t necessary to have on if you don’t need them.

Change Your Light Bulbs & Let the Sun Shine

The next step after combating “energy vampires” is optimizing your light fixtures to utilize energy efficient light bulbs. Purchase LED or CFL bulbs and replace your old incandescent lights to save energy. These lights create an equal amount of light at half the cost! Letting some sunshine into your apartment on a sunny day helps reduce your cost as well. Utilize the natural light and heat instead of the full force of your heating system when the sun is out and shining. The heat in your apartment can still be used to warm up your home, but just put it on a lower level when you’re not around.

Bundle Up – Thermostat Control

Having heat in the home is a tremendous luxury, but it’s costly. To beat the cold of the winter just layer your clothes or bundle up under a blanket. You can always add or remove some layers of clothes as your body temperature permits. Adding layers is free; turning up your heat is not! There are many alternatives to controlling the temperature in your home and running to the thermostat should not be the first option. Use the heating system as sparingly as possible and control your thermostat to save on your utility bill.

Shower & Bathroom

Another way to save on apartment utility bills lies in the bathroom. Believe it or not, your bathing habits and showerhead may be to blame for heightened water bill costs. Cutting down your time in the shower reduces the amount of water used, significantly lowering your bill. Switching the showerhead to a more “water-practical” piece can help as well. Many showerheads release an unnecessary amount of water to clean your body all at once. Once you switch to a new one, you’ll greatly reduce water usage costs during any time of the year. The winter is a great time to start making these fixes if you haven’t done so already.

Easy Does It on Holiday Lights

The winter is a time for celebrating the holidays and spreading cheer. Part of the festivities and good tidings include decorating your home with lights and other energy draining decorations. That added lighting for the holidays directly affects your energy bill in a negative manner. Whether it’s inside or outside, it costs more money to light up your holiday decorations. Choose more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly lights, like LED lights, if holiday decorations are a must in your home.

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The winter may be your favorite season, but it’s a costly time of the year. Your utility bills reflect your energy usage during the winter, and reducing its costs can benefit your wallet and the environment. Keep these tips in mind to lower your bills this winter! To learn more about Lerner Morningside, view our photo gallery or take the virtual tour to get a better lo

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