Why Winter is the Best Time to Rent an Apartment

Apartment Hunting in Winter Will Yield the Best Results

Timing is everything. In terms of renting an apartment, this couldn’t be more true. While some people may feel it doesn’t matter what time of year they apartment hunt, there is one season in particular to keep an eye out for “for rent” signs the most: Winter. Although the snowy weather may not be optimal for driving around and visiting an apartment community, real estate experts agree that winter has proven to be the best time to rent an apartment year after year. If you plan on searching for the perfect apartment to claim as your new home, here is exactly why you should wait until the winter season comes around: 

You’ll Get a Better Deal

Summer is the most popular season for renting an apartment, since potential renters are more willing to move their belongings in the warmer and more flexible months of June, July and August. However, the high demand for apartments in the summer equals a higher price tag on apartment rentals, making winter the most ideal time of year to rent. Because there aren’t as many people renting throughout the winter, management and landlords often offer their lowest rental rates during the chillier months. This means that renters will be able to get a better deal on apartments – especially in an area where brand new apartment communities are being built, like Alexandria, Virginia.

There Isn’t as Much Competition

Many apartment renters find it frustrating when they come across an ideal apartment that they love, but are forced to compete with other individuals or families who have their eye on the same space. Apartment hunting in the winter alleviates this frustration completely, as there are not a lot of people who are looking for apartments during this time of year in the first place. It’s a rare instance when two people are fighting over an apartment rental during this time frame. Typically, throughout the winter months, it is easier for people to find the apartment that they love and quickly make a deal to secure the apartment in a short time frame. The winter is the best season for a speedy turnaround time, from the moment someone begins their apartment search to the time they sign their leasing papers.

You Can Experience How the Management Handles Winter Weather

More often than not, apartment communities are quick to boast about how well they maintain the properties that renters live on during the winter months. While some reputable apartment communities stick to their word, others tend to exaggerate the truth a bit. When potential renters visit apartment communities during the winter season, they are able to see firsthand how quickly the apartment maintenance staff plows the roadways, how efficiently the walkways are shoveled and how livable the conditions are when winter weather has hit. This is an important part of the apartment hunting process, and will help individuals and families who are seeking an apartment rental narrow down which place they should rent from. 

You’ll Receive More Personal Attention

The summer, fall and even spring are much busier times of year for apartment communities and renters. The agreeable weather is inviting and most people are more likely to move during those seasons. During these times, the high demand for apartments to be rented means escalated pricing – but it also means less face time with an apartment community’s management, staff and real estate agents. There are simply too many people to help all at once, which is why winter is the better time of year to apartment hunt. People will be able to receive the attention they deserve and ask all the important questions – as many as they want – which will, in turn, make the apartment hunting process an easier one.

Rent an Apartment This Winter in Alexandria, Virginia

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