6 Exercises You Can Do Right in Your Apartment

Winter Weather Workouts in Alexandria, VA

It is easy to blame the weather for your lack of exercise during the winter months. Unfortunately, after reading this, that excuse will not hold. All you need is a little bit of space inside your apartment and the dedication to work out for just thirty minutes or so during these cold winter months. Avoid the cold temperatures outside and the crowded gyms in your area by trying our six favorite exercises you can do right in your apartment at Lerner Morningside. Clear out an area in your living room or bedroom and get to work!

1. Push Ups and Planks

This is an easy exercise that will work your whole entire body, giving you a great bang for your buck for your indoor workout! Depending on your fitness level, you can easily change the number of pushups and time spent in plank to challenge yourself. Start in push up position (this is a plank) and hold for 30 seconds. Without hitting the ground, start doing push ups as slowly or quickly as you see fit for an additional 30 seconds. After that, take a one minute break. Repeat this cycle five times for sore abdominal muscles and a great workout! As you begin to feel even stronger, you can incorporate side planks and/or extend the time of each set.

2. Chair Lunges in Place

Lunges can be difficult to do inside, particularly when crunched for space. However, lunges in place are a great way to achieve toned legs this winter. You can do this using just your bodyweight or while holding something heavy – such as a gallon of milk or water. You will also need a chair. Stand facing away from the chair, about 1-2 feet away. Place one foot to rest on the chair behind you so that when you bend your standing leg, both knees are at 90 degree angles. Holding your weight out in front of your body, do 10 lunges down and up. Switch legs and repeat. Do this three times on each side.

3. Wall Sits

Wall sits are another great exercise to do indoors if you are looking to engage your quads, glutes, and core. All you need is a timer and a wall. Stand about a foot from the wall (facing away from the wall) and pretend you are sitting in a chair. Your back should be flat against the wall while your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Hold this position for at least one minute, then take a one minute break and repeat. Do this five times, and increase time as you get stronger.

4. Have a Dance Party

For some of us, traditional workouts are hard to keep up with and can get very boring. If traditional workouts are just not working for you, then put on your favorite music and get ready for some fun! Dance nonstop for a full thirty minutes and watch as you get your heart rate up and work up a bit of a sweat! Dancing is a great workout, and is perfect for those looking to get active inside a smaller space.

5. Get Cleaning

Did you know you can burn around 200 calories in an hour of cleaning? Kill two birds with one stone and give your apartment a deep cleaning! Activities like scrubbing the shower, vacuuming and mopping can all help you work up a sweat – even when you don’t feel like working out. Incorporate smaller exercises into your cleaning routine, such as lunges while sweeping and “weight lifting” with your bucket of mop water.

6. Squats With Makeshift Weights

Squats are a good old fashioned way to tone your glutes, legs, and calf muscles. While you can squat with no weight and still reap some of the benefits, it is ideal to use some sort of weight to gain strength. Hold gallon jugs of water, some heavy books, or anything else that will incorporate a bit of weight while doing your squats at home. If you don’t have anything you can use, try to add a jump in-between each repetition for more cardio.

Get Moving in Your Alexandria, VA Apartment

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